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Investor Portal

ADHD provides our investors with a vast assortment of resources, to help them truly be successful with their investments and to help them achieve their goals.

Investor Resource Center

We believe in our Concierge service which includes ensuring our Investors have all their needs met from paperwork to understanding the status of their investments.

ADHD Holiday Schedule
Quest Promissory
Note Kit
Quest Real Estate
Purchase Kit
Quest Asset
Quest Direction
of Investment
Quest Payment
Quest Disposition
of Assets
Camaplan Asset
Purchase Directive
Camaplan Asset
Sale Checklist
Deposit Form
Camaplan Existing
Note Acknowledgment
Camaplan Notes &
Mortgages Checklist
Camaplan Payment
Authorization Form
Camaplan Promissory
Note Acknowledgement
Camaplan Real Estate
Purchase Checklist
American IRA
Convertible Note
Investment Kit
American IRA
Earnest Money
American IRA
Existing Secured Note
American IRA
Incoming Wire
American IRA
Payment Authorization
American IRA
Real Estate Investment
Kit – Final Closing
American IRA
Real Estate
Investment Kit
American IRA
Real Estate Sale Kit
American IRA
Secured Note Kit
American IRA
Unsecured Note Kit
How To…
Quest DOI Form
New Deal Process
All Deals
New Deal Process
Renovation Promissory Notes
ADHD Turnkey
Why Invest
with ADHD
Mark “MJ”
Jackson Biography
About ADHD
ADHD Short-Term
ADHD Long-Term
ADHD Multi-Family
ADHD Renovation Note
ADHD Unique Deals
9 Common Mistakes
Using Self-Directed IRA
9 Common Mistakes
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