Atlanta Discount Home Deals is dedicated to the development of successful real estate solutions for our clients. We have expertise in all aspects of real estate and can help you in your desired endeavors in real estate that are tailored to meet your goals. We specialize in purchasing homes at a fair price and reselling them at below market value to our clients. Our team will work to make your home purchases and sales processes as easy as possible while providing you with the most up-to-date information on your transaction process as it develops.

At Atlanta Discount Home Deals we have an exclusive network of partners from around the world, tapping into their lists of Buyers and Sellers and working with them to create a more positive home buying and selling experience for you. It is through this collaboration that we can provide you with rock bottom-priced homes and motivated home sellers from around the country.

Please browse around our site and feel free to download some of the valuable information we’ve put together for you. All of us at Atlanta Discount Home Deals look forward to helping you out any way we possibly can.


Concierge Service
We provide a high level of customer service we call our Concierge Service. We ensure our clients do not need to worry about their transactions.
Self Directed IRAs
We provide tax-free investment opportunities for Self Directed IRA Holders to invest in to help them grow their retirements funds more expediently.
Advice & Knowledge
We provide resources, advice and tools to ensure our customers are informed and able to make the best decisions for their transactions.


To glorify God by putting our clients’, employees’, and community’s interests above our own, providing the highest level of service and expertise through transformative real estate investment strategies. 


We are a faith guided company
Our customers are the heart of everything we do as they are our most important asset
We guide our people, becoming better together, knowing growth is a sign of life
We acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses while embracing the lessons they can teach us


Mark Jackson fondly known as MJ has become the go to Valuation Specialist for people who want to achieve more in their real estate investing business.

In 1999, MJ founded an appraisal company and soon after found his true gift was Analyzing Property value for real estate investors. Once MJ began investing himself, the flood gates opened.

Since 2000, MJ has been able to close real estate transactions totalling in the Millions and maintains a substantial net worth. InvestorCompsOnline was created to help investors like you do exactly the same. Since 2006 real estate investors both domestically and internationally use InvestorCompsOnline to confidently profit every time the buy a property, knowing the right price before they buy.

MJ has spoken on the topic of Real Estate Valuation across the US, Caribbean, Monte Carlo, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Australia, Japan and Africa. Most recently MJ has begun teaching students to successful Bid on and Wholesale Government HUD Houses.

When not traveling in the US and abroad, sharing his “valuation comes first” message, MJ is usually at home working on his many domestic and international business ventures. MJ is married to his lovely bride Toni and has five children. MJ’s main passions are: faith, family, playing golf and real estate.

MJ is the America’s Discount Home Deals leader. He is continuously focused on the development of new deals and new products and services that we can offer to our Investors.

Ensuring that each and every deal delivers us all towards our vision and keeping our vision bright and center, his invaluable coaching and mentoring to his team ensures that the ADHD team is always at peak performance.

Rosemarie Hassan is an internationally recognized Systems & Operations Manager, Serial Entrepreneur and Project Manager with over fifteen years of multi-faceted experience with a strong background in operations management and operations architecture, financial services and business process engineering. She thrives on her pure love of chaos and desire to develop unique work environments and dynamics to improve performance and results through wrangling and transforming the chaos into assets and positive qualities of a company’s operations overall.

Her previous experience includes project, program and operations management throughout adult education (offline and online), financial services & investments, insurance, marketing, real estate, e-commerce, hospitality, and legal industries and in various marketplaces including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, U.K., Canada, U.S.A., Italy, Belize, Spain, and many others.

In her spare time, Rosemarie enjoys spending time with her children and husband traveling. Rosemarie has an unparalleled passion for education and languages and is committed to being a life-long student.

Rose works diligently to ensure excellence in delivery across the entire company from systems, process and technology developments to marketing, operations and deal compliance. Supported by her team, she ensures our investors are always first!

Reagan joins Atlanta Discount Home Deals & InvestorComps as the Executive Operations Manager beginning January 2020. He has over twelve years of experience as a senior financial analyst, ranging from private equity experience, operations management, real estate, financial modeling, IT finance project management, as well as risk assessments. Most recently, he spent two years at Invesco Ltd., a global asset management company, serving the global technology finance team, collaborating with project managers in resource allocation, consolidating financial reports, managing IT & corporate budgets.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance from Jacksonville University and a MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. Reagan is a member of the Church of the Apostles, the PMI, and a CFA candidate. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, continuous learning, and staying active playing gold and jogging.

Sandie is the owner of Bargain Investment Homes, a company primarily focused on excellence in Property Management. Sandie has over 20 years experience in Property Management across the United States, and currently is the Property Manager for all of ADHD’s Florida and Georgia properties.

Joshua Parham is responsible for the security and well-being of our real estate portfolio. With over ten years of experience in Property Management and Leasing, Joshua brings a unique expertise to ensure that our Real Estate portfolio, Service Partners and Vendors receive superior service and attention. 

Diqueta McCoy is our Senior Portfolio Associate. Diqueta’s focus is to ensure that our properties are up to date and to ensure that all finance matters across the portfolio are handled swiftly and securely. 

Debra is the Services Coordinator at Atlanta Discount Home Deals. She is responsible for ensuring third-party services including insurance, utilities and warranties are in effect. She is also a member of the Finance Team at Atlanta Discount Home Deals.