Every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest. We won’t presume to guess which elements of the Atlanta Discount Home Deals  mission are most important to you, but we will say we’re confident we can make property investment work better for you than any other firm operating in our markets.


The process of property investing begins with the in-depth research and analysis that lets us source the best real estate opportunities. Our consultancy service will then identify which of our first-rate projects are best suited to your portfolio. We’ll then manage the acquisition process for you, right through to completion, following which we will manage the ownership of your property, from tenanting to valuation. Finally, when the time comes, we’ll be there to support your exit strategy and ensure your investment achieves the best return possible.

Find out more about the full-service end-to-end investment journey through which we support our investors.


We have a commitment to our clients; that every property we propose is one that we believe in. We have a team that includes investment managers and researchers who conduct thorough due diligence on the property and the market in which it is located.  We financially commit to only those we believe will deliver strong results and in return give priority access to the best property investment opportunities for our clients.

We call this our “underwrite model”. At Atlanta Discount Home Deals, wherever we can, we underwrite the opportunity by ensuring that the investment is something we would do ourselves.  Our business model gives our clients the reassurance that whatever we present is something we firmly and demonstrably believe in.


Our people know their markets inside and out. Investment managers, researchers, consultants, analysts, marketers, account managers, quantity surveyors and property agents – every single one is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about property investment. This expert team provides expert investment advice and is our most powerful tool in guiding you through the complexities of real estate investment and in transforming your investment potential into real returns.

Our unique service model supports you throughout your investment journey, from finding the right property for you through to realizing your investment when the time is right.

Within carefully considered markets, investment in real estate has a well-deserved reputation for combining stability with excellent yields and returns, particularly over the long-term, where it often enjoys far less price fluctuation than alternative investments. The stability of property makes it the perfect asset class around which to build a strong and stable investment portfolio. An investment portfolio that can lead to financial freedom…