Atlanta Discount Home Deals offers a vast array of services to help you achieve your goals. All of our services come with our concierge service ensuring that we manage the transactions from A to Z and making the entire process as convenient as possible for you.

Long Term Deals
Long Term Deals are a great investment option for investors looking to passive income.
Turnkey Deals
Turnkey Deals are great opportunities to help increase your passive income.
Renovation Note
Renovation Promissory Note Deals are great for small balance investing.
Short Term Deals
Short Term Deals is a short-term investment opportunity with a quick and moderate return.


Atlanta Discount Home Deals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible, we call this our Concierge Service. With a committment to quality and ensuing that our investors can focus on what matters most to them while entrusting our team to help them reach their investment goals.

We will submit the annual FMV values to your IRA Company for you.

Did you receive a customer service inquiry from your IRA Company, the City, IRS or other third-party service provider? Just forward to us and we will handle it for you.

We will provide you any and all required forms that you need for your investment.

When your investment is ready to expire, we will help you keep your money moving by creating you a potential reinvestment plan.